Author: J. Patrick McDonald


Elder Qualifications – Titus 1:9

Opinion Paper – Not a Position Paper Question: In the Titus 1:6 qualifications for elders, what is meant by “his children are believers”? Response: Looking at the Greek in this passage, the two words that are of the utmost importance here are the word for “children” and the word for “believers”. TEKNON – Children: The […]



Modesty A Position Paper for Covenant Reformed Baptist Church, Sylacauga, Alabama J. Patrick McDonald – Teaching Elder Preface This study is based on a question of the Biblical teaching on modesty, specifically the teaching of the Scriptures with regard to the subject of appropriate dress for Christians. There is, and has been, much teaching and […]


What About Unicorns in the Bible?

What About Unicorns in the Bible? Recently in a church Bible study, a question was asked as to why the King James Version (KJV1611) of the Bible has so many mentions of unicorns. Indeed, most of these references are present in the Latin Vulgate and, predating that, the Greek Septuagint. The word (or cognate) appears […]